Hound Dog

from by PBGB



Late in the September 26 SuperSesh, Ken sidled up to a microphone, called out “Let’s do Hound Dog” and whispered to Pete “Four On The Floor Rock Beat please Pete”, and whammo !

Off we went into the old ( 1952 in fact ) Leiber and Stoller classic that Elvis made super famous. The original version was sung by Big Mama Thornton, but the PBGB version features the one and only Ken Vatcher on vocals. Fantastic Ken, well done sir !

One of the principles that underpins PBGB is that we always try to encourage people to go musical places that are a little outside their natural comfort zone. We knew from previous episodes in The Shed that Ken could sing up a storm, so we have been waiting......and waiting........and now, here he is on lead vocals.

Thanks Ken, great fun, and thanks for letting us post it.

PBGB bungs on a rocker !


Should be more September SuperSesh songs coming to the PBGB Blog very soon. Watch this space.


from PBGB JUKEBOX, released December 19, 2011
Well, we think ( we had had a beer or three by the time we played this, and nobody was taking notes ) it probably features

Ken on Vocals
Pete on drums
Lyndon, Garry, Pol and Gus on guitars ( don’t ask what order ! )
Mark on keyboards
Neil on bass ( in actual fact Chris played bass at the time, but the recording turned out to have no bass track so Neil dropped a new bass track in later ).



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