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'Round about August 2016 Kerry Hynes strolled into The Shed. We knew Kerry as one of the regular crowd who used to hang out at Figz Gigz at the fabled Cheeky Mango.

Anyway, in she came, and before long was fronting up to a mic adding backing vocals to this and that.

Next thing we knew she came in with some lyrics for a song she called Sugar.

We added a pinch of blues, a spoonful of swing, and it started rising. Tasted pretty sweet.

Mick added a dash of harp, Dawson threw in a dollop of the old Resonator, and we thought we pretty much had the ingredients ready to cook.

As it happened, groovemaster Ken was lurking. You want swing ?

We set a date for recording, and figured that we should have a crack at a totally live take.

And that is pretty much exactly what happened..........a warm up, then one shot, two shots, and this is what came out - second time through.

Sugar ? Sweet !!

Well done Kerry ! Great debut. Welcome to the PBGB Family ma'am ! You nailed it.


from THE VAULT, released December 12, 2011
Vocal: Kerry Hynes
Resonator guitar: Dawson Graham
Drums: Ken Vatcher
Percussion: Graham Brown and Louise Nadin
Harmonica: Mick Nadin
Bass, production: Neil Porter



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