Dave Crowden has been a PBGB Family member and all ‘round good friend of The Shed for some years now. Our Blog features lots of references to Dave. He has played on a bunch of PBGB Shed recordings.

You can hear from those songs that Dave is one hot bass player. But Dave is also a very sharp guitarist, and songwriter. You only have to hear Dave playing with his group Guitarama

Up until now we had not featured Dave playing guitar. Not good enough ! We figured we really should feature Dave on guitar as well as bass.

PBGB is somewhat family oriented, and we knew that Dave’s son Sam is a great guitar player. Sam was in fact a member of the first iteration of Guitarama. Sam and Dave also perform together as a guitar duo. Make that Dave and Sam ! We may have a fine recording legacy, but Stax we are not !

So we asked Dave if he might ask Sam if he might like to mosey on down to The Shed and record a couple of songs. Well yes, Dave might like that, so he did, and they did.

In fact they recorded four songs on the day, two of which, ‘The Island’ and ‘Dili Nights’, are original compositions by Dave.

So we decided to create a ‘Dave and Sam Crowden Project’ page for the PBGB Blog.

Thanks for coming along guys. Welcome back Dave, and Sam.........welcome to the PBGB Family sir ! We had a great day, and my those guitars sure sound fine !


from THE SAM AND DAVE CROWDEN PROJECT, released June 27, 2016
Dave Crowden - guitar
Sam Crowden - guitar



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